How do I care for Karen Millen footwear

Karen Millen uses only the highest quality leathers, suede and other materials to produce high quality footwear. Slight marks and variations in the surface colour and texture are all inherent characteristics and should not be mistaken as a fault. They are part of the unique appeal of leather.

To help maintain the appearance and to prolong the life of your shoes, they should be cared for with the relevant products. Always test a small non-visible area first.


Dust and dirt should be removed prior to cleaning with a neutral leather cream.


Dust and dirt should be removed prior to cleaning. A crepe brush should be used to remove any marks in the suede.



Dust and dirt should be removed prior to cleaning with a rubber brush or fabric foam cleaner.

DECORATED SHOES Particular care must be taken whilst wearing decorated shoes. Beads and crystals may be lost or damaged if caught or snagged.


Due to its porous nature a leather sole will absorb some water. For this reason we do not recommend that they be used excessively in very wet conditions. A leather sole will wear away (even under normal conditions) making it necessary to resole regularly. Leather soles are often painted. This is a cosmetic feature which will wear away in patches when worn. Leave wet shoes to dry naturally (never by artificial heat). The use of a shoetree will help maintain the shape of your shoes.


Top pieces on heels are a replaceable component. Do not allow them to wear down. They should be replaced regularly by a good shoes repairer. Thin and delicate heels must be worn with extra consideration. Wearing shoes on very uneven surfaces or when driving may weaken the shoes and could spoil the leather sole or intricate components.


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